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Questions about your recycling?  Click here:  Can I recycle it? 

Textile Recycling is coming to Pinehills!  Baystate Textiles will be collecting textiles for recycling on November 18th and 19th from 9am to 4pm, with a fresh truck arriving Sunday!  Look for their trailer by the lower tennis courts at The Stonebridge Club.  

You can find out what they accept by clicking here.

Breaking News:  Sign the Petition

Sign the Petition to Stop Forced Evaporation of Radioactive Water by Holtec.

Holtec, the company decommissioning the Pilgrim Nuclear Power Plant, recently installed industrial grade water heaters to heat radioactive and contaminated water forcing accelerated evaporation. The Plymouth Board of Health has stated that this is a threat to human health. This petition asks Gov Healey to investigate the legality of this emission and stop Holtec from future emissions.  https://chng.it/N2yPK8Zzhq     


1) Speaker Ideas for Movie night

2) Writer of Sustainable Tips for Pinehills Newsletter

3) Attend Sustainable Plymouth Zoom Calls and provide summary for the group

4) Provide content for the website

5) Volunteers are needed to join the composting group.  Help us increase the number of composters in The Pinehills!

Interested?  Contact us pinehillssustainability@gmail.com

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